Test post

Go after boring companies / industries

Find conferences for businesses that have a ton of money and don’t know how to have fun

Small optimizations can make a huge impact

Where can I be the most impactful

Coaching retreats not as high priced as I want

Holiday Parties

Executive Retreats



Referral Engine - what niches will refer quick and fast once I prove myself

Plastic Surgeons - dominate the doctor scene

Popular in a niche

Who are the rich dudes that pay for stuff that don’t like to plan their own parties

This is a business expense for people - they spend mad bank. It’s not a life coach who is spending their life savings

Find an advantage by finding the people that NEED my medicine. Read the crowd.

Read the crowd


Find a niche (doctors) go to all of them and talk to them about events and ask them what kind of budget they have.

Talk to event planners at the hotel and ask them who’s spending the most money

People don’t want dope cars, they want cars that look normal.

Main speakers  is most important to Neville (The Whale Theory)

Sharing the stage with Richard Branson / Elon Musk

Dope AF may not be the way conferences are supposed to be.

Give people what they expect, but 20% better

Go after the places with big reserves of cash and URGENCY

The boring places are the ones who PAY.